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"Shannon and her entire team were fantastic! Our church's staff workroom and kitchen were in desperate need of decluttering, organizing, and utilizing a workable system.  Shannon quickly tapped into how we used the spaces and worked with us to improve how to make the best use of our area, saving us time, resources, and aggravation.  Friendly, attentive, knowledgeable, and professional are some of the words that come to mind when working with Shannon and her team!"

Brian E., Pastor MVCC

Oh my goodness, I cannot say enough good things about Shannon at Life Simplified by Shannon. She is AMAZING!!  I moved into my house 11 years ago and 4 kids later, I had more clutter than I knew what to do with.  I have never been good at getting rid of things/purging/keeping my house organized and tidy, but Shannon came to my rescue! She came in and completely got my house back in order... three BIG Salvation Army truckloads later and quite a bit of Goodwill drop offs, I can now say how excited I am to come home to a de-cluttered house.


On top of the purging, she COMPLETELY got my house and garage into an organized system that I will easily be able to maintain…which is not an easy task considering my crazy, hectic schedule with our four kids.  Thank you to Shannon at Life Simplified by Shannon!

Jill G.

I was recently married and we bought a house together.  We combined our things and upgraded to nicer kitchen equipment through our wedding registry, so we had a lot of duplicates and items that we had forgotten we had.  Shannon went through our entire kitchen and organized every drawer and cabinet.  Once she sorted through everything, she helped us decide what to keep, and then we donated the rest.  We take pride in our organized kitchen now as we live our daily lives and host guests in our new home.  Everything is in its place and it is so much easier to keep clean and now, because of purging, we have more space to grow into our home!

Breinne M.

My husband and I just moved with our six-month-old baby to a new, bigger apartment. I was so overwhelmed with unpacking and filling the extra space, I didn’t know where to start. I reached out to Life Simplified by Shannon to help us a few weeks later. She is a miracle worker! I loved that she consulted with me on what my vision was for my home and nursery the whole step of the way. We did everything in small steps which made organizing seem so much less overwhelming. Our nursery is finally put away and everything is exactly where I need it to be!  


Shannon also helped us visualize and design our living room space and I’m so happy with the beautiful results! She decorated our home so it’s uncluttered and represents our modern-eclectic style and personality. I definitely recommend using Shannon’s talent and expertise for your home!

Alexis L.

I am so in love with my house after hiring Shannon at Life Simplified by Shannon. I have lived in my house for 10+ years and if you were to have come visit before Shannon had been here, you would have thought I had just moved in. My walls were bare, the rooms were bare and pretty much every aspect of my house appeared as if I had just moved in. I had always planned to finish decorating, but I am not a big shopper and just kept pushing it off. 


After just one visit with Shannon and a couple of conversations, she took off on a mission, with my vision in mind, to make my house a HOME! Her personal shopping skills were 100% on point. She brought several options for me to choose from and we went through everything to make sure I was happy with the selected items (and I was!).  From there, she made sure to complete the project by bringing in her handyman and got everything assembled, hung and installed.  I couldn't be happier... my house is a HOME. Oh, and another huge bonus is that she shops according to your set budget. She is the BEST!

Jill J.


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